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News  2012
Toycen Industries

Top Stories  There is just too much goin on

  • 7-2011Cuttermasters to launch its new line of Grinding wheels
  • Cuttermaster Pro Handbook on Drills is published
  • Cuttermaster Pro handbook on End mills is released
  • Cuttermaster Professional Second Op lever slide table on the Drawing boards for October showing.
  • New High Feed Slow speed grinding wheel line up launch July 2011
  • Cuttermasters Infinate DC CMX12 Bench Grinder on the drawing boards.
  • Toycen Industries teams with Dumore corporation for the new CMX12 Motor
  • CMX 12  with  Countersink and Tap Sharpening options
  • Cutermaster Professional EMX (Cuttermaster Spindle)
  • CUTTERMASTER DC Conversion Kit
  • Toycen DC Toolmakers Bench Grinder Rocks
    Toycen Infinate Twin Universal  Motor Tower
    (this is Pretty)

    Tradesman Cutting tool grinder   Jan 2016

  • DND Canada Quality Engineering Test Establishment
    Canadian Forces Base (CF-18 Support) Bagotville
    WinPak Lane California
    SRAM Boulder Colorado
    T&T Precision MilPort Alabama
    US Navy Baltimore FRL


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