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Machine Functions

Grinds o.d.'s and ends of standard end mills in one setup within a few minutes.

There are 9 different axes to work with for unlimited versatility.

 Sharpen End mills Flute ID Flute OD and ends primary and secondary, roughing end mills, carbide tools reamers, performs gashing , cylinder grind small rounds,  (circumferential lands), reduced neck grinds, weldon flats.Carbide and HSS Cut offs.

The tool rest is a central to the machine pivot Extremely easy to use - and fast! The machine is always set up and ready to go.

The Cuttermaster Professional  is supplied standard with a Cuttermaster Air Bearing Fixture, Rush, or the patented Toycen Radius Air Bearing.

The Air Bearing Fixtures are precision honed and capable of grinding to close tolerances. The spindle sleeve is made from Stainless Steel or Bronze and the spindle itself is chrome plated steel.

Air bearing has a 200 degree swivel base for taper grinding.
Takes standard 5c collets, with end mill holders available that can hold shank sizes up to 2".

Table is cast and Aged Monolithic Grey Iron Motor comes standard with two spindles so Motor/spindle assembly tilts to positive and negative angles; and rotates 360 degrees cutting tool clearance angles can be adjusted as needed providing real angle result when setting angles.

Available in imperial graduations .0005.
Air bearing stroke - 8.5" (266mm)
Air bearing Standard 5C Collet
Cutting tool capacity - 2" shank, 9.8" O.D., 8.5" flute length T-slot dimension - .800x.500x.670 Table feed graduations - .0005 X-Axis carrier travel - 9"  plus Manual adjustment of 6"

X-Axis table working space - 26.5"x5.5"
Y-Axis working space - 13"x5.5"
Z-Axis carrier travel - 6"

Wheel - 5" cup (or 6" dish with Z-axis), 1-1/4" arbor   Cuttermaster Professional Poly Wheels for Dry Grinding.
Motor tilt - Infinite
Motor - 400 Watt DC Reversing Variable
Two Year Warranty
Net weight - 225 pounds/100 kilos
Dimensions - 31 X "x27 Y "x21" (not including handles) Shipping dimensions - 36"x33"x29"


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